The Nuclear Option is a podcast that tells true stories of people who risked everything to save themselves.

The Nuclear Option is a podcast about people who find themselves in impossible circumstances and must choose the most improbable solution to survive: self-annihilation. Blowing up life as usual for a last best chance at happiness. It’s a show about the complexities of identity, the aftermath of transformation, and the inevitable gains and losses from reinvention. 

"Everybody should get a brain tumor at least once in their lives."

Episode 1: “You Really Are Leaving?”

A man gets a brain tumor and leaves his unhappy marriage of 36 years to live the life he never could because of cultural and religious pressures.

“I was in a marriage I didn't want to be in it with a woman who I didn't love because I didn't feel love from her. And I didn’t take corrective action until more than three decades afterwards. That’s a long time to bury your head.”

                                                                   RELEASE DATE 2018